Reminiscences of Folks from Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson
Daniel H. Weiskotten
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This is a start on a page to present reminiscences of people who have memories of the towns of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson.  Most of the available reminiscences come from area newspapers, some are in journal form, and are in some of the local history books.  They are by young and old, and cover scattered bits and pieces of our history.  If you know of any that might be good to include here, drop me a line.  I have a bunch of them already and I'll try to provide as many as I can very shortly.

For starters here's a short list to peruse:

Justin Dwinelle's first impressions of Cazenovia (1811)
Samuel S. Forman's "Annals of Cazenovia": Forman was a first settler and keeper of the Holland Land Company Store under John Lincklaen (1837)
Nathan Paddock: Young man on the frontier of Central New York (posted on Onondaga County GenWeb/RootsWeb page)  (written 1842-1843)
Thomas Farnham, son of early settlers, left Cazenovia in 1824 or so, he seems to have known everyone in the Village of Cazenovia (1874)
Henry A. Coolidge, Editor of the Madison County Whig, 1848 to 1857, remembers Cazenovia after an absence of 30 years (1882)
"Veteran Observer" discusses the early industries of Cazenovia (1901)
Miss Louise S. Dwinelle, "Paper on Old Cazenovia" (1908) with a letter of Justin Dwinelle's first impressions of Cazenovia (1811)
Katharine Murdock Woodruff, 91 years old lived on Albany Street (1939)
Mrs. Chester Coriell (nee Doremus) remembers the Cazenovia of her childhood (1979)
Former Businesses of the Village of Cazenovia, c. 1920 to 1990, compiled by some of the older folks