Miscellaneous Lists and Compilations for Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified 1/2/2004

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This page is for all of those miscellaneous manuscripts, compiled notes, documents, and lists of various sorts that have no particular place to go: petitions, memberships, military rolls, etc.  If you know of any lists with lots of names, raw research notes, or compiled information which might be good to include here, drop me a line.  I have a bunch of them already and I'll try to provide as many as I can very shortly.

For starters here's some lists to peruse:

Notes on 19th Century Photographers of Cazenovia
Notes on Clock Makers of Cazenovia

Notes on Finding Store Locations in the Village of Cazenovia
Notes on Street Names in the Village of Cazenovia
Notes on Railroads in Cazenovia
Advertising Cards of Cazenovia Merchants, c. 1880 (list only, no images)
Presidents and Mayors of the Village of Cazenovia, 1810 to 2000
Notes on African American Families in Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson
Notes on Candle Makers of Cazenovia
Marks of Creatures for Cazenovia, 1796 to 1844, listing owners of cattle marks
Lake Petition to stop the State Canal Board plan of converting Cazenovia Lake into a reservoir of the Erie Canal, 1847 (it didn't work)
First 20 Years of Photographs from the Cazenovia Republican (list only, no photos)
Names in the Ledger of the Store of P.H. Donnelly & Son, 1913-1920
Advertisers and Businesses Mentioned in Cazenovia Invites You (about 1933)
Former Businesses of the Village of Cazenovia, c. 1920 to 1990, compiled by some of the older folks.