Holland Land Company Records
Land Tracts of the Cazenovia Establishment
by Daniel H. Weiskotten
Updated September 3, 2001
Caretaker 12 Mar 2024
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This page is a starting point for the vast records of the Holland Land Company as they relate to the "Cazenovia Establishment".  This venture by the Company included a large portion of what is today western Madison and Chenango Counties, Namely the Towns of Cazenovia, Nelson, and DeRuyter in Madison County, and Lincklaen, Pitcher, and German in Chenango Counties.

This collection includes land records, company financial and business records, and census and other tabulation records.  I have many of the land records avalable on line and soon hope to get some of the census records polished up and presented.

Land Records
Census Records (nothing available yet)
Miscellaneous HLCo. Records (nothing available yet)
Published Histories describing the HLCo. and the Cazenovia Establishment (see land records for now).