Transcripts and Images of the Miscellaneous Documents
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified 11/24/2001
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This page will guide you to a variety of various documents from many sources which I have transcribed or found worthy of posting.  I plan to include here transcripts of various Town Records, Personal Letters, Newspaper Clippings, and other similar general interest material for which no other suitable major category can be found.

For starters I have:

A Lecture Before the Madison County Medical Society, By Dr. Alvin Foord, Cazenovia, NY, July 1867
A fascinating lecture discussion the class differences in Cazenovia and the nation at the time.  Emphasis on Dr. Foord's concern that desirable people (old family WASPs) were controlling their birth rate through prevention and abortion, and how imigrants (the Irish) were having many many children.

Transcripts of the Road District Descriptions, 1804 to 1832, from the Cazenovia Town Road Book
A great way to find where people lived over the first few decades of our history (Nelson, Smithfield, Fenner, and part of DeRuyter were within Cazenovia until 1807 and thus early roads in those towns are included)

Agricultural Statistics of Madison County, Compiled by Cornell University, Dept. of Ag Economics, 1947
This is a report on the trends in agriculture compiled from census data by Cornell University Dept. of Ag Economics.  There is little text, a bunch of tables, and several graphs.  Sources are listed at the end.