Directories of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified December 14, 2003
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  1827  |  1859  |  1868/1869  |  1872  |  1875  |  1880  |  1904-1905  |  1917  |  Msc.

Cazenovia Village Register for 1827
        (from the Republican Monitor [a newspaper], Cazenovia, NY, August 1, 1827)

From Gillette's 1859 Map of Madison County
        Whole Page of the Business Directories for 1859
                Village of Cazenovia 1859 (image of original, original order, and alphabetized) (Town of Cazenovia)
                New Woodstock 1859 (Town of Cazenovia)
                Perryville 1859 (Town of Fenner)
                Nelson Flats 1859 (Town of Nelson)
                Erieville 1859 (Town of Nelson)

1868/1869 Gazetteer and Business Directory of Madison County, by Hamilton Child
            Dan Weiskotten's text version (with annotations and corrections)
                      Town of Cazenovia Individuals, 1868-1869
                      Town of Cazenovia Businesses, 1868-1869
                      Town of Fenner 1868-1869
                      Town of Nelson 1868-1869
          Iimages of the original text posted by Cornell University
                  Town of Cazenovia 1868-1869
                       Town of Fenner 1868-1869
                       Town of Nelson 1868-1869

1872 Boyd's New York State Directory, 1872-1873-1874
        Whole Page of the Directory Entries for 1872
                Village of Cazenovia 1872 (Town of Cazenovia)
                Town of Fenner 1872
                Chittenango Falls 1872 (Town of Fenner)
                Perryville 1872 (Town of Fenner)
                Nelson 1872 (Town of Nelson)
                Nelson Flats 1872 (Town of Nelson)

1875 Beers' Atlas of Madison County
        Whole Page of the Business Notices for 1875
                Town of Cazenovia 1875
                Village of Cazenovia 1875
                Town of Fenner 1875
                Town of Nelson 1875

1880 James H. Smith's History of Chenango and Madison Counties
           Town of Cazenovia 1880
            Town of Fenner 1880
            Town of Nelson 1880

1904-1905 Central New York Business Directory (Town and Village of Cazenovia only)

1917 The Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Madison County, New York.
        alphabetical list of all Madison County is available on the Madison County GenWeb Page by Mike Hollingsworth
                Residents of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson are on my pages, as well as
                The Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson entries in the 1917 Business Directory.
            Former Businesses of the Village of Cazenovia, c. 1920 to 1990, compiled by some of the older folks.