Contemporary 19th Century Accounts of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified 10/28/2000
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Similar but more formal descriptions of Cazenovia, Fenner, Nelson, and Madison County can be found on the Gazetteers Page

This page is for descriptions of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson as recorded by early travelers.  While Cazenovia was the general destination or only place of note to most early travelers, it was still off the beaten path as most people crossing between the frontier and civilization followed more convenient routes than the hilly uplands.  despite being somewhat off the main route west several travelers, including Timothy Dwight, Dr. Alexander Coventry, and several others did make it up to the hills of Madison County and managed to leave their thoughts and observations on paper for us to enjoy.  If you know of any other travelers accounts describing the area which might be good to include here, drop me a line.  I have several good ones and I'll try to provide as many as I can very shortly.

For starters here's some lists to peruse:

        Rev. Timothy Mather Cooley, 1803

        Timothy Dwight, September 1804

        Dr. Alexander Coventry, 1806

        Anonymous, 1810

        Amelia M. Murray, 1854
        J.H. Green, a "Reformed Gambler" visits Cazenovia (published 1858)