Biographies of Folks from Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson
Daniel H. Weiskotten

Last Modified 1/14/2004

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This is a start on a page to present a page of biographies of former residents of the towns of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson.  The internet is loaded with historical biographies and there are still many printed sources which provide biographies that I'll try to provide as soon as possible.

In most cases the text of the originals have been changed slightly to accommodate computer entry and searching.  Dates are expanded (Jan. = January, '68 = 1868), standardized (the 8th of January, 1868 = January 8, 1868), or derived ("last October" = October [1867]) where necessary.  State names are abbreviated to modern form (NY, CT, MA) except in a few cases where the full word is better suited.  Names are modified if the are misspelled (Thomes = Thomas) and the  contracted are expanded (Wm. = William).  Variant spellings are given in parentheses [Annis (Annas)].  Date ranges may be derived from other sources such as tombstones or obituaries.

More biographies are available on on Tim Stowell's RootsWeb Page

Edward Phelps Allis (1824-1889): Cazenovia Native and founder of the Allis Chalmers Company.
William Avery (1793-1840): Cazenovia inventor, first steamboat on Cazenovia Lake, 1822, built steam engines in the Village 1827.
Edward G. Beckwith (1818-1881): Cazenovia Native, and Railroad Engineer.
William P. Bennett (1831-____): spent his childhood in New Woodstock, became a respected man in Michigan.
J.M. Borden (1838-____): Cazenovia Native, Illinois businessman.
Jeremiah and Sarah Blair (1795-1878 and 1797-1856).
George Smith Boardman (1796-1877): Presbyterian Minister in Cazenovia, 1850 to 1865.
Theophile Cazenove (1740-1811): Holland Land Company Financier and Agent, for whom the Town and Village of Cazenovia are named.
William A. Dryer (1813-____): Cazenovia native, survivor of the Dryer Family Death, prominent Michigan settler.
Lucy Dutton (late 18th to early 19th century): Cazenovia's own tragic spurned love story.
Justin Dwinelle (1785-1850): early Cazenovia attorney, eminent politician.
Robert Newton Eddy (1840-1881): soldier in the 114th NYSV, Book Keeper for Crawford Reaper, Cazenovia Assistant Post Master.
Sidney Edgerton (1818-1900): Governor of Montana Territory 1864-1865, Supreme Court Judge, US Representative, etc.
Edward H. Ehle (1841-____): Cazenovia Native, ended up in Wisconsin (provided by Darci of Darci's Place of Origins Genealogy Site.)
Dr. Alvin Foord (1799-1877): Patent Medicine Man of Cazenovia.
Jonathan Forman (1745-1809) (very short): early Cazenovia settler, elder brother of Samuel S. Forman.
William M. Gibson (1856-____): Physician in Oneida County, married daughter of William M. Burr.
Samuel S. Forman (1763-186_) (very short): Store keeper for the Holland Land Company and chronicler of early Cazenovia.
David and Mary Hamilton (1777-1858 and 1782-1860.)
Edwin S. Hamlin (1836-1911): born at Chittenango Falls, miller and lumber man.

Dr. Thomas L. Harris (1824-1891): Cazenovia Physician.
Ephraim B. Hesler (1811-1882.)
M.M. Hess (1837-____.)
John Hill and Isyphene Annas Hill (1800-1879 and 1806-1887.)
Joseph Barnum Hoyt (1806-____.)
Jabish N.M. Hurd (c.1778-1855): Early Cazenovia Merchant and Post Master (among other things.)
Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899): The Great Agnostic, most famous orator of the 19th century (outside links.)
William Clarke Larrabee (1802-1859) Principal of the Oneida Conference Seminary 1831-1835.
William Esselstyne Lansing (1821-1883): born in Perryville, local attorney and politician, US Representative.
George Lawrence (1829-____.)
Jonathan Denise Ledyard (Sr.) (1793-1874): adopted son of John Lincklaen and Community Benefactor.
Rev. Joshua Leonard (1769 to 1843): first pastor of the Cazenovia Presbyterian Church 1799-1814.
John Lincklaen (1768 to 1822): Founder of Cazenovia, Resident Agent for the Holland Land Company.
Ledyard Lincklaen (1830-1864): son of Jonathan D. Ledyard, scientist, naturalist, community benefactor, etc.
Elisha Litchfield (1785-1859): early Delphi Falls attorney, later resident of Cazenovia, eminent politician.
Linus Montague (1799-1879): Cazenovia Native and tombstone carver among other things.
Charles Munger (1841-____): Native of Fenner, Physician in Oneida County.
Nathan Paddock
(1783-1865): Young man on the frontier of Central New York.  Spent many times in Cazenovia (posted on Onondaga County GenWeb/RootsWeb page.)
Ruel Page (1810-1878.)
Noah Palmer Sr. (1764-1835): early settler on "Palmer Hill."
Wilson L. Perkins
, (1816-1896).

Willess C. and Wilson L. Perkins, (1814-1890 and 1816-1896), brothers.
Wellington Persons (1817-____): Native of Fenner, later became a respected civic leader in Michigan.
Abi A. Phipps (1810-1890.)
The Pollard Family of New Woodstock (including Calvin Pollard, renown architect of NY City.)
Dr. Fordyce Rice (1806-____): early Cazenovia Physician, abolitionist.
Luther Severance (1797-1855) newspaper printer, Maine House of Representatives and Senate, Congress, Vice Presidential Candidate (Whig) 1848, Commissioner to Hawaii.
Augustus Ledyard Smith (1833-____): son of Seminary President, civic leader of Appleton WI.
John E. Smith (1843-____.)
Caleb Sweetland (1802-____): son of early settler, Caleb Sweetland, prominent merchant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Bradley Tillinghast (1807-____.)
James M. Turner (1820-1869): Native of Cazenovia, politician and civic leader in Lansing, Michigan.
Norman L. Webber (1818-1896): Prominent farmer and civic leader of New Woodstock.
Daniel H. Weiskotten (1960-2005): Native Cazenovian, Historian, Archaeologist, and all around nice guy (recently deceased)
Henry Seeley White (1861-1943): Cazenovia Native, son of Cazenovia Seminary Prof. Aaron White, Mathematician.
George Washington Vice and Franklin Wise, two Civil War Brothers from New Woodstock (from Joanne Pezzullo's web page.)