Vital Statistics for Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson
Daniel H. Weiskotten
last modified 8/7/2003
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        Most of the resources that I have been using in my research are records that contain information on death, health, and mortality.  Because of this, I have generated a number of lists that detail the morbidity of the local populations.  The original data sets from which I gleaned this information typically also include data on other aspects of life such as births and marriages - but I do not have most of this data computerized.
        The information comes from several sources including municipal records that were required to meet state and local health laws, by churches who maintained membership rolls, and in newspapers where marriages and deaths were often reported.  Although my collection is very death-oriented, I hope to also include some of the other lists of births and marriages.  I have some of this "extraneous" material at hand, but it is in no way organized and I must refrain from doing lookups (sorry).  Most of the lists are available at various Madison County Libraries, in published form, through the LDS Family History Centers, and in published books and genealogical newsletters.

So far I have available:

Selected entries (deaths only) from Robert Hendrix's Abstracts from Madison County Newspapers = all the early death notices for Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson (similar to Meyer & Scott's work, but more complete and accurate) (LOCAL DEATHS ONLY).

1847-1848 Births Registered in the Town of Cazenovia.
1847-1848 Marriages Registered in the Town of Cazenovia.
1847-1848 Deaths Registered in the Town of Cazenovia.

Also, a list of Town of Cazenovia Death Certificates, 1884 to 1916, including over 2,000 names.

Census Death Lists, including
        Combined list of 1850 to 1880 census Death Schedules
        Identification of the Unnamed
        Civil War Deaths
        Information and Notes Regarding the Census Death lists

Social Security Death Index List of Cazenovia and Vicinity