Short History Subjects for Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson
Compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten

updated May 25, 2003

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Mills & Manufacturing
        Bartlett French, Coverlet Weaver of Cazenovia
        The Cazenovia Paper Mill
        The Crawford Mower and Reaper Works
        Hops (their history, how to grow them, and how to process them)
        Cazenovia Book Publishers
        Historical Resources Survey of the Cazenovia Fire Department Property, 119-125 Albany Street
                (an archaeology paper with good history of the village Brick Yard Lot, Blacksmiths, Mills, houses, etc.)

        Jabish N.M. Hurd's Store
        Dr. Alvin Foord, Cazenovia's Patent Medicine Man

Early Inns and Taverns of Cazenovia
        The Johnson House, Cazenovia's First Tavern
        The Madison County Hotel

Questions about local history and some comments or answers.
        I have an old medicine bottle of "Dr. Foord's Pectoral Syrup," who was he?
        What books were published in Cazenovia?
        Does the placement of churches in Cazenovia form a witchcraft symbol?
        What is some history of the road networks in town?
        What really happened at Nichols Pond (Town of Fenner)?
        What happened to the soldiers with Walter Vrooman, captured at Canaseraga (Town of Sullivan) in 1780?
        What Indians lived around Cazenovia Lake?
        What are some early graveyards in the Cazenovia area?
        I live on Tinsley Hill Road (Town of Nelson) - what is the history of that area?
        What is the history of Cazenovia Lake?
        What is the source of Chittenango Creek?
        What is the etymology of the native name for Cazenovia Lake - "Owahgena"?

Miscellaneous Histories of Local Events, Places, Organizations, Etc.
        The "Great Cazenovia Fugitive Slave Convention" August 21, 22, 1850 and its famed daguerreotype!
        A History of the Welsh Church Cemetery, by Owen Evans, April 12, 1956
        A Short Account of the New Woodstock Fire Department, 1913-1992 by Walter F. Mann.
        A Brief History of the Erieville Fire Department by Reginal Card, et al. (c.1996).
        History of the Willow Bank Yacht Club by Donald B. Sanford, provided by his son, Donald P. Sanford.