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Last revised 11/3/1999
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This section is for recent local history writings.
I will not address genealogy questions here unless they would be of interest to the whole community.
The Question (from DV 8/31/1998 and MY 3/6/1999)
I have an old bottle that is embossed "Dr. Foord's Pectoral Syrup, Cazenovia, NY."  Who was this Dr. Foord and what did he do?  Are there other bottles by him?
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The Question (from RS III 12/2/1998)
I recently found an old book published in Cazenovia at an antique show and wondered if anyone can tell me about it. It was printed in Cazenovia, NY, by Henry Baker & Co. in 1839. It is titled Mental and Practical Arithmetic and was written by Charles Davies. What can you tell me about this book - what other books were printed in Cazenovia?
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The Question (from an annonymous student 10/21/1998)
My Teacher told me that if you were to draw an outline of all the churches in Cazenovia it would form a witchcraft symbol - is this true?
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The Question (from EGW Jr. 7/16/1998)
What is some history of the road networks about town?  You mentioned a lot of good stuff in your Tinsley Hill paper, what about the rest of the town?  How did they develop?  Did the follow Indian Trails?  Are the original roads the same as today?
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The Question (from Bennett 6/22/1998)
What happened at Nichols Pond?  I know about Nichols Pond as being the location of an Onondaga Indian camp that was burned by Samuel Champlain in 1615. The signs say that the battle at this spot was important because it helped anger the Indians against the French and they then made friends with the English. You say it is wrong too? What is wrong about it and if it wasn't at the park, where did Champlain go to fight the Indians? What is at the park if it wasn't an Indian Village?
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The Question (from Tom C.  6/14/1998)
What is the story of the American Soldiers under Capt. Walter Vrooman that were captured at Canaseraga on October 23, 1780?  The monument at the location of the "Turtle Tree" on Chittenango Creek says there was a fort there and a lot of men were caught there after destroying the British boats while the British were making a raid on the Mohawk Valley. Is this true? I'm told that some of the survivors came back and lived on Indian lands when the war was over. Where did they live?
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The Question (from KEC 1/6/1998)
Who were the Indians that lived near the Lake?  Where did they live?  Did they interact with the tribes around Syracuse?
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The Question (from EGW Jr. 11/27/1997)
Could you tell me about the old grave yards in the Cazenovia area? I'm working on my Eagle Badge for scouts and need to do some research on cemeteries.  Are there some really old ones that would be interesting to look at?  I especially like the old stones and the ones that aren't in use any more.
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The Question (from SG 11/5/1997)
I live on Tinsley Hill Road in the Town of Nelson (just northwest of Erieville) and I know that my area has a lot of history.  I was wondering of the origin of the name Tinsley and any interesting facts of the outlying areas.
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 The Question (from MA 10/2/1997)
I am looking for some history on Cazenovia Lake. We have several questions. So let me begin: around the Civil War the lake itself was apparently sold off or divided somehow so that people owned to the "middle of the lake." Our first question is how does someone determine the "middle?" A second thing we need information on is WHY would someone divide the lake? It seems to be something that isn't done very often.
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The Question (from DC 8/17/1997):
One subject that has always intrigued me is the source of Chittenango Creek. Surely there must be some point at which Chittenango Creek "begins."  Does Chittenango Creek feed Cazenovia Lake? I know that the Creek exits Cazenovia Lake, but is it defined "above" the lake, or does Chittenango Creek start at Cazenovia?
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The Question (from CST in the Cazenovia Republican 5/1/1902)
I would like to know something of the Etymology of the word Owahgena, that is the name of Cazenovia Lake. Is it a true Indian Name, or the Fanciful Creation of The White Man? It is a pretty one and worth preserving, if correct. Although the name is common today, a number of local histories and public documents refer to the both the lake and Chittenango Creek as "Canaseraga."
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