Newspaper Notes, Histories and Inventories
For Newspapers Published in Cazenovia, NY

Daniel H. Weiskotten
Created February 1, 2004

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Suppose This Town Should Die
We mean just this, die, disappear, vanish, so that not a stick or stone or man or woman of it remained -- except the files of the local paper.  Then suppose that someone from a remote corner should come to the spot where the town had once been and should find the files of this paper.  Wouldn't he have a pretty good idea of what kind of a town this had been; what kind of people had lived here?  Perhaps you never stopped to think of it, but the local newspaper is about the only historical record which a town has.
Central New York Press Association
(from the Cazenovia Republican, January 17, 1921)

The newspapers of Cazenovia are its greatest historical records and resources.  They are also the most difficult to use.
I have been using the original and microfilmed copies of the numerous Cazenovia newspapers since I was a junior in highschool in 1977.  I have not simply read them, but have taken thousands of notes filling over 300 typewritten pages, made indexes, completed a full inventory, and have collected considerable information on their history and publishers.

Many of my notes are over 20 years old and I am in the process of cleaning up and checking them to make sure that they are correct and presentable.  I have used this material for innumerable research projects and hope that I can get much of it posted in a timely manner.

Because of the vastness of my notes and research I offer the data in the following formats:

Research Notes from Cazenovia Newspapers: news, advertisers, obituaries, photographs.

Histories of Cazenovia Newspapers (note form only, not compiled)

Inventories of Cazenovia Newspapers: existing issues, repositories, microfilms.