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Last updated November 3, 2004
Kudos added through July 31, 2001
(I have zillions more to add)

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OK, so its a little bit of patting my self on the back, but I am getting compliments on my work all the time, and since I like that, and people obviously like telling me how much I have helped them, then what's the harm?  If you have a compliment (or a suggestion or complaint) feel free to e-mail me!

When you write please tell me where you heard about my pages, I'll include links to those pages too!

I started my Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson History web page officially on July 24, 1999
and in less than six years I have had over 60,000 hits! Wish me even greater returns in my fourth year!

Most recent kudos are at the bottom of this page

From Marilisa, July 13, 1999
wow! great site! ... Your site is quite impressive!  This is a wonderful site. ... I cannot express how delighted I am with the information on your site.  Thank you so much for the work you have done and in provided others with access.
Thanks Marilisa!  I'm glad you were able to find my site that is not officially open yet!  I have not really started but you seem to have found plenty to keep you happy - come back again and I'll have more!

From Teri, July 29, 1999
Thank you.  I know that I truly appreciate all the work you put into this study and what a blessing it is to others!

From Robin, July 30, 1999
I checked out your website this morning after receiving the site announcement e-mail from the Onondaga list-server. Well done. ...  Thank you for your time, and for helping to fill the knowledge void for the descendants of the pioneers of New York.

From Karen in NC, July 30, 1999
Thank you for posting the census of 1800 and 1810 I can't get to NY to do research and things like this are invaluable to me. I would love to see the other censuses on here.  Thank  you for so much work.

From Graham, July 31, 1999
Thank YOU Dan for a great site and the opportunity......plus your super cemetery data and roads, etc etc

From Judy Breedlove, Assistant Coordinator, Herkimer-Montgomery Counties GenWeb Page, August 7, 1999
Just wanted to tell you that your web page is great. ...  it's good to see what you've made available to researchers. There is a definite need.

From Linda, August 15, 1999
Thank you!  You have given me in a nutshell more about my ancestor in NY than I have found in several months of searching, several census Cds, and much hair pulling.  I will definitely take a look at your web site when I finish this e-mail. ...  Again thank you for such wonderful information.

From Marianna, September 5, 1999
I found your introduction very interesting.  Its not often an E-MAIL has me clinging to every word. ...  I'm going to take time to enjoy your information on the web and the other sites. Thanks for indulging me

From Lu, September 12, 1999
I have been reading your information on Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson with great interest. ...  Thank you for sharing your knowledge of these wonderful towns with all of us.

From Audrey, October 3, 1999
Dan:  I really enjoy your web page - how informative!

Jack E., October 4, 1999
Thank you, thank you, Dan W.
I just recently joined the Madison Co. List and it seems like everything Dan posts, I print out and save for future reference.  I had also seen some of  his excellent work on the Chenango Co. list. I wish every list had a Dan W.

From Linda, October 4, 1999
What wonderful research on the cemetery pages.  Thank you from one cyber genealogist in California!!!!  ... Many, many, many thanks for the research.  I love the history you have included.

From Debra, October 5, 1999
I LOVE your site.  So far I have hit two of the reminiscences of others and both contain my ancestors!!!  How neat!  If you have anything else on (on my ancestors) who lived in Cazenovia I would love to know what it is!

From Phyllis, October 15, 1999
I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate very much all the work you have done on your web pages. ...  Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!

From Phyllis (again), October 16, 1999
You really have been a big help, Dan.  I can't thank you enough for your kindness.  I'm sure that others will find your web pages as helpful as I did. ... I think I found your web pages via "Census Online Links." Thanks so very much for all your help.

From Judi, October 20, 1999
Thanks for compiling the Cazenovia/Madison Cty. website.  What a great and grueling job!!   ...   Just had to write and tell you what a wonderful job you are doing - keep up the good work and I'll be checking back.

From Phoebe, October 21, 1999
Just wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated your e-mail and web  sites.

From Bob, October 22, 1999
Just a short note to let you know that I appreciate the information you are putting on the web page. ...  (my family is from Nelson) so I get quite a lot from that information and look forward to whatever else you are planning on putting on the web site

From Joan, October 22, 1999
Just wanted you to know the Death Certificate list you posted is appreciated.  Sure beats that microfiche at the State Archives.

From Lori, December 8, 1999
Dan, just wanted to convey my compliments to you. This is the best genealogical website (Cazenovia and Madison County) I've ever seen. You have tons of info and transcribed records here -- you must have spent (and still spend) every waking moment on this.  I just spent an hour going through your site and found a lot on my ancestors.  Thank you so much for your fantastic efforts.

From "lambe", January 9, 2000
This is the BEST website I've been to (and I've been to a lot).  You make life a whole lot easier.  Thank you so much for your hard work!!!

From Ron, January 10, 2000
Thanks so much for your quick response, your willingness to accommodate my request, and the important information you sent.  Obviously, you have a passion for this work, and the quality of your website reflects it.  Those of us who are more or less casual genealogists certainly appreciate your efforts.  After digesting and incorporating the information you sent, I may have a follow-up question or so.  In the meantime, thanks again.

From Sandra, February 3, 2000
I couldn't help but write this note to say how happy I was to find your web page while doing genealogy research. ... I also love the photo of you and (your dog) Maggie together, the adoration in her eyes is very plain ... Thank you both for sharing a wonderful site.

From Mary, February 3, 2000
Even though we don't have any ancestors in that part of the Holland Land Purchase, congratulations on the undertaking such a task.  You are doing every historian and genealogist a wonderful service.  I spent hours at the library looking at microfilm, of the Holland Land Company Records and developed quite a vocabulary in swear words.  Every person searching these records should get down on their knees and say "Thanks"

From Dick, February 3, 2000
This is a wonderful thing that you have done.  I did a quick search in the Holland Land Company Records you have posted on one person that was in Chenango Co. early and found a man by that name with land lot numbers, purchase date etc.

From Jack, February 4, 2000
As a researcher living many miles from my early home in Chenango Co., I wanted to relay to these lists how impressed I am with the work of Daniel Weiskotten.  His most recent posting of the Holland Land Company Land Records just gave me another shot of adrenaline to keep searching for information about my gt gt grandfather.  The Madison and Chenango Co. researchers are so lucky to have some of his skill and integrity working in our behalf.  If you haven't yet visited the site for the records, do so right away.  Your work is so necessary and I hope appreciated by those who use it. ... Keep up the good work.

From Joyce, February 4, 2000
Just wanted to add my thanks for all the Holland Land Company Records. I am researching my family in Central New York from San Antonio, Texas and the information is hard to find this far south.  Thanks again.

From Anne, February 4, 2000
I just wanted to say thanks for the Holland Land Company information.  I found three members of my family mentioned who had purchased land.

From Gena, February 4, 2000
I am late it congratulating and thanking you for this site. I did not discover you message until about 4 AM this morning. You have done a wonderful job!  I have posted it to several of my surname lists and received thanks in return so you will be growing by leaps and bounds!
Maybe you will make Cyndi's List! Congrats.... (Note: My personal pages are on Cyndi's list already and I have submitted the Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson History Pages!)

From Darlene, February 4, 2000
You are doing a great thing; thanks!

From Edmund, February 6, 2000
Above & beyond the call of duty. I read your most recent major accomplishment w/ considerable interest.  THANKS.

From Deb, February 14, 2000
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a great webpage you have for Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson History.  My mother-in-law grew up in Cazenovia on a farm on Hardscrabble Road.  I am in the process of doing our family history for this area and look forward to thoroughly searching your webpages for info.

From Anne, February 16, 2000
THANK YOU so much for all the work you have done.  You are a treasure.

From Monte, February 17, 2000
Congratulations on your work about the history of the Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson you have completed and presented on your Web site.  It is a joy to see someone so "into his thing."  It's most comprehensive and your cross checking gives credence to the information.  After searching your work, reading the descriptions, and viewing your family and dog Maggie, I feel as if I know you.

From Phyllis, February 23, 2000
Dan, you've done a great job and we all appreciate your efforts and time put into researching and posting.  Thanks for sharing it with us and thanks for sharing "Maggie" with us.

From Julie, February 23, 2000
Thanks for your time and willingness to do lookups....it is much appreciated by those of us at a great distance.

From Ed and Madeleine, February 24, 2000
We were so impressed by reading your resume, biography, and CV and visiting parts of your web site--we couldn't wait to email you, even though we haven't checked out all of your incredible information yet!  ...  It sounds like you lead such a fascinating life and possess many diverse and wonderful talents!

From Douglass, March 13, 2000
I think that you are doing a really outstanding job in your researching and posting of the material.  ... Are you ever planning on posting other town's historical events on your site?  Even if you don't, I enjoy reading your postings.

From Darci, of Darci's Place of Origins Genealogy Web Site, March 15, 2000
Hi. A note to tell you EXCELLENT job on your site.

From Mavis in Wisconsin March 17, 2000
Just a few lines to tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work in putting your website together.  You have done a WONDERFUL job!  I wish all area sites could be as detailed & thorough as yours.  ANYTHING you could add would be a boon to all Madison County researchers. Do keep up the good work!

From George, May 8, 2000
Thanks for the concise, yet erudite, exposition on the DeRuyter spelling!  Also, thanks for the interesting urls.  When I saw your name on the post, I expected the answer to be there, and it was.  You are one of several people on this list who make it such a pleasure to have ancestors from Madison County.

From Kathleen, May 24, 2000
Thank you so much for your history of how people settled Central New York.  It really helps me to understand my own ancestors and the moving around they did.  I have saved your information to help me down the road.  I also want to use it for a class at our local Family History Center.  It is such a good example of how important it is to learn the history of an area as we try to identify the people who lived there.  Again, thank you.

From Jackie, May 29, 2000
Dan, first of all I want to sincerely thank you for taking your valuable time to share all the information regarding (my research).  It actually brought tears of Joy to me and that is not an exaggeration. A simple thank you seems very inadequate to express my delight and joy of receiving all the information.
(I wrote back to tell her I spent 15 minutes gathering the information I had sent to her - the thanks are due to the age of computers and the serendipity of her asking a question that I had already researched and to which I already knew the answer!)

From Nia, May 29, 2000
(You are) an interesting guy with some really good insights and observations. (You have) a heap of common sense and a gift for getting right to the heart of the matter.

From Wendy, June 2, 2000
What a FIND your website is for me!  I'll spend many hours here.  *Thank you* for putting all this wonderful information up on the 'net for all to share.  Nelson, NY is a hard place to do research about!

From Wendy, a few hours later, June 2, 2000
I just found (what I was looking for) on your website!!!  You have done the most THOROUGH job of any history/genealogy site I've seen so far.  Truly.  And I've seen LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS (been doing computers/Internet for a very long time & am also a computer consultant, paralegal, former Town Clerk, etc.).

From Greg Ketcham, Web master of "Drums Along The Mohawk: the American Revolution on the New York Frontier", June 15, 2000
(Thanks for the notes on Revolutionary War campaigns and fortifications in the Oneida area) ... You are AWESOME!! Well, I'll just file this one and move on to my next research project :-)

From Jeff, July 4, 2000
Thank you for your work on the web site!   I was particularly grateful for your extensive research on the Dougherty Cemetery in Fenner.

From Kay, July 7, 2000
Just spent quite a while roaming through your web site and associated rootsweb links.  (Yes, I'm one of those people chasing ancestors.)  Thank you for sharing the fruits of your labors; I can't imagine how many hours you've spent gathering, organizing, and posting data.  Just want you to know it's greatly appreciated.

From Doug, July 12, 2000
Because of your postings, I wish that my ancestors had settled in your researched area instead of (a neighboring town)!

From Mike, July 13, 2000
I just recently discovered that my ancestors might have been in Madison County during a previously unaccounted for period of time. When I checked (the Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson History pages) I saw all the wonderful work that you have done. I've only had time to sample a small portion of it so far but the quality of the work is EXCELLENT. You have done a great service for historians and genealogists.

From George, July 13, 2000
Your site is a model for all to follow!  I wish somebody would do the same extensive work on (the towns) where my (ancestors) lived.  If there is such a site, I would appreciate the location.  Even though I don't find my people in Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson, I enjoy browsing your material.  Keep up the great work!

From Grayce, July 23, 2000
I applaud you and your helpers on your fantastic web site, you are a pioneer. I would guess some day in the future there will be sites like this all across the continent. I am so grateful to you ... I have been to many sites, but yours is award winning. It is so concise, and easy to read, and how you strive for perfection is so refreshing.  Please accept my thanks and all the other searchers out there, and there are many.
(a note on Grayce's comments: I pretty much do this by myself but I occasionally have people that send me things and I wish more people would help me as there is so much more to do.  As for being award winning, maybe if I was nominated ... so far just wonderful personal accolades!)

Laura (Public History grad student, Southwest Texas State University), July 28, 2000
(regarding comments I posted on the H-LOCAL and H-PUBLIC (for local and public history) list services about historical societies which refuse to computerize their holdings and join the information age - and we all know there are a lot of them out there!):
What an excellent argument you made.  I share your views that information shared is one way that knowledge increases, and I thank you for making such a simple argument in favor of 'net access to open a scholarly dialogue.
Read comments by Aaron, Phil, and others

From John, July 29, 2000
I am blown away by the material you have available on your Cazenovia site.  Thank you very much and congratulations on an incredible job.

From Roberta, August 12, 2000
I just found the lot where my gg grandfather had his farm (and was able to find where he lived on the maps of the) New Petersburg Tract, Fourth Allotment!  He was listed in the 1868-69 Cazenovia Directory ...  Thanks to your easy-to-follow instructions I was able to go to the map very easily and print it out.  You are doing such a wonderful service - just wanted to let you know.  You have my heartfelt thanks!!  Many researchers with ancestors in that area are so fortunate to have you on their  side!!  Keep up the good work.  It IS appreciated!

From Daan in Amsterdam, Netherlands, August 17, 2000
I visited your "Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson History Pages" again.  It had been a while since the last time ... I just wanted to write you this message to express my appreciation for all the work you have done on the History Pages.  It's absolutely amazing how much information you have made available to the public; impressive and very interesting indeed.  In Holland we say "petje af", which means 'taking of your hat' as a sign of respect.  The Cazenovians should be really thankful for your efforts.

From Ron, August 20, 2000
Hi, Thanks for the information. I really appreciate your taking the time to assist me. I wish you well.

From Pat, August 26, 2000
Your Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson site is one of the best genealogy sites I have seen on this Internet.  I have been at this hobby since before genwebs were invented and have learned the hard way that the most reliable sources for family information are in the records and maps kept at the time.   Your site and the process of elimination has put me closer to discovering my ggg-grandmother's parents than I have been in thirty two years.  Thank you for your generosity and insight.

From Joyce, August 31, 2000
I just got in the mood do some web searching.  I came across your information (on the Erieville Cemetery).  It's absolutely fascinating and I appreciate all the work you have done.  ...  Reading websites about the history of Madison and Onondaga Counties has really made me excited (for a planned outing to look for my ancestors)!  Thank you again for all the work you've done.

From Jackie, September 1, 2000
Thanks for all the good times with the (now defunct Cazenovia community) message board. ... You did a great job and I'm sorry to hear that a few had to ruin it!  I can't begin to tell you how many people I caught up with through the board -- people I don't think I would have ever thought twice about again and some of the memories were wild!  Thanks for all you hard work!
(note:  For about two years I was a co-moderator of a community bulletin board for www.cazenovia.com.  We had great aspirations for the "CazBoard" as a place to meet, share and learn about "home".  Unfortunately it was beset by a series of cyber-predators who, for who knows what reasons, saw fit to expend a huge amount of energy in destroying it.  Welcome to the internet.)

From Bill, September 9, 2000
WOW!!!  If people don't go ape over this I will miss my guess.  This is really well done and the Dr. Foord material, links and pictures is
PERFECT. Just the way a historical page should be. Be sure to let the (local newspapers) know of this so all can check this out.  BRAVO!!!

From Diane, September 11, 2000
These maps are great!  I appreciate all your time you've put into this.   I'm trying to learn how to upload my gedcoms to my Front Page and still struggling on learning!  You give me great incentive!

From Sarah, September 11, 2000
Your research and tales are great and I am saving the page to read more when I have time!  Thanks!

From Phyllis, September 11, 2000
Dan, I want to personally thank you for sharing  your research with all of us, not only us but with others that will pursue their genealogy in the future. ... Just thought I'd say thank you.

From Susan, September 11, 2000
Hi! I am doing genealogical research ... trying to trace my family roots, as are so many others. I find your website very interesting from a historical perspective on what things were like in the times of my grandfather and his parents. ... It really is a great site. It is fun to see what the towns that I knew as a small child looked like before I was ever born.  Thank you!

From Phoebe, September 12, 2000
Wow, What a terrific research project! (My tombstone study - someone has actually used it to find an ancestor!)

From Judith, September 12, 2000 (on the Chenango County List)
Thanks Dan for some of the best data I have encountered.  Your History/Genealogy site is terrific. I have it bookmarked and re-visit periodically. I encourage those who have not checked out the page, do so you, will be impressed. ... When looking for someone in Cortland Co., Madison Co., Broome Co., please do not forget to check out Dan's site. I found a family who were supposedly in Genesee and definitely in Onondaga Co., Syracuse, what a shock to this person whenever so many old records were found and passed on, from where?  Dan's site.  Thank you Dan for adding so much of value. There is another county quite near Broome, dang sure wish we could get you to take that site over, oh well no matter. Keep up the fine work.

From Annette, September 15, 2000
I have worked on several county GenWeb sites (in New York State, including Columbia, Greene, Otsego, and Steuben) ... I want to commend you for a really great webpage, there is certainly much to be learned from it. (One of the County Coordinators) sent me the link for your webpage, and truly what a find it was.

From Sylvia, September 15, 2000
I stumbled across your site while tracking down my relatives. What a treasure trove! I will be back often. This is probably the best site I have seen (maybe because I found useful information?). Thank you for all your work.

From Elaine, September 17, 2000
I simply wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding effort you are making at unraveling the history of Madison Co, NY.  Your web page and its many resources are several cuts above that which is typically available. My congratulations and thanks - I plan to return often.

From Diane, September 24, 2000
I think your website is AWESOME!!  I only wish it had been available (or that I had known about it) five years ago.  You've done an amazing job with it. I
have been researching my family history and keep getting "stuck" in Cazenovia!

From Vicky, September 30, 2000
Thanks for the information.  I love your web site.  You are an amazing historian and an inspiration!  Keep digging!
Me and my little buddy Piglet are always digging for all sorts of stuff to share with everyone!

From Bob, October 4, 2000
Thank you for your interest and hard work. I, for one, do appreciate the work you do.

From Linda, October 5, 2000
Thank you, thank you, thank you [for posting the extensive Catholic Cemetery list]!  WOW!!!  You are organized. (Of course, that's a wonderful trait of historians and archeologists).  And what a great web site, too.  I know what's going to keep me busy this weekend.

From Steve, October 5, 2000
I must give you words of praise for what is without question a great dedication of time and effort to Madison County history.  I decided to check
things out due to your post on the Onondaga-L rootsweb to see if any surnames of interest rest in any of the cemeteries.  I am impressed with what you've done.
Steve: many thanks for your comments - encouraging words keep me chugging!  Also, many more thanks for letting me know that I had several errors in some of my pages.  I strive for accuracy, and my eyes often glaze over when I read my own material, so I need to rely on my faithful visitors to point out what might not be so obvious to my weary eyes.  I've made the changes you suggested, and hope that others will not hesitate to point out any things that need fixing - even the slightest goof needs to be taken care of as it reflects on the quality of my work, and, as you all know, that is very important to me.  Thanks!  Dan W.

From Ken, November 2, 2000
What a tremendous undertaking and a terrific job....sure wish someone would do the same for New Berlin

From Charles, November 12, 2000
I found your transcript of the Cazenovia Road Book to be very exciting because I found two ancestors listed. ... Thank you for your great web page.

From Harold & Pat, November 12, 2000
Been browsing your web site again and must say you are continuing to do a terrific job.  Congratulations !!

From Jean, November 12, 2000
Just a note to say Thank You for the information you are providing.  I have not found the parents of my husband's ggrandmother but when I do ... Your information will be so helpful.  From all of us family finders, thanks to the historian.

From Chrystalbel, November 12, 2000
great info !!!!!!

From Ruth Ann, November 14, 2000
I would like to thank you for all of the good work you have done and all of the help you are able to give many people because of your good work.

From Fay & Marge, November 17, 2000
It is nice that you have all this information on the internet. I guess even though you live down south your heart seems to be in good old central N.Y.

From Audrey, November 18, 2000
I have just had reason to look at someone in your census site and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work.

From Lisa, November 18, 2000
I just finished reading your terrific website on Cazenovia - kudos for all your hard work!  I ran across it while doing research on the [my] family and I was overjoyed to see a [my ancestor] mentioned so often.  ...  My kids are thrilled to have found out that one of their ancestors may have helped establish Cazenovia - and they thought Maggie looked like a great dog too!  They did, however, wonder about the excavation photo.  I told them you were either just showing off your boots or that you and Maggie were having a digging competition.  Thanks for any assistance you may have to offer, and much good luck in finding the right job for your talents.  Or at least one to cover the bills!

From Valli, November 20, 2000
I am enjoying your web pages immensely.  I have been trying to locate Nelson, NY in my geneaology research and was having absolutely no luck until I stumbled across your pages.  ...  [I have copies of some family papers and if] you would like a copy of this for some reason, please feel free to ask.  It is the least I can do for enjoying all your hard work.
I still have the material that Valli sent me and hope to get it up some day! (the papers, that is!)

From Ralph, December 5, 2000
Congratulations on a magnificent web site!

From Rick, December 7, 2000
Thanks again for the info.  The people over at the (Cazenovia Public) Library were right...you certainly know the locations of a lot of stuff in town.  I really appreciate the

From Robert, December 7, 2000
I was pleased to stumble across your internet listing of the Cazenovia Artillery Roll and to find my Great, Great Grandfather listed, along with two of his brothers.  ...  Thanks for your research.

From Linda, December 10, 2000
Nice page, just Wonderful!  thanks for all your hard work!

From Michelle, December 10, 2000
I was fascinated by what you do and your page.  I understood the correlation between the work of archaelogists & genealogists to a vague degree and it is really neat to see how you have tied them in.  ...  Thanks again and anything I can do to help.  And I will definately keep your website on hand to refer.  In the "mythical" webstore I hope to have many pages like yours linked.

From Roberta, Decmber 12, 2000
I just discovered these pages on the Fenner Cemetery and I am thrilled and want to thank you for your wonderful work.  My ancestors ... are buried in Dougherty Cemetery. ...  I have been researching my family for about 6 years and about 4 years ago I traveled to Fenner and visited the Dougherty Cemetery.  It was moving to be there and seeing where my ancestors were buried and your wonderful pages just add more to that feeling.

From Joan, December 28, 2000
Found you site by accident  ...  I have been researching my mothers family.  She is 87 and her memory is fading but I've been trying to track her family.  I found two of her grandfather's brothers and their families in the Perryville Cemetery!  ...  What a labor of love you have given us.  Thank you again.

From Ron, December 31, 2000
I very much appreciate your insight and great help.  ...  Records are just so scarce during [the period around 1800], that any time I get information like you sent to me, I get pretty excited.  Your website continues to be the best.

From George, January 4, 2001
Dan (and others--you know who you are):  It is because you do take this extra time and make this extra effort that we use your material with a high level of confidence.  Of course, this doesn't mean we don't look for other proof, but we see it on your site and feel quite confident in it.  So if you ever wonder if anyone appreciates what you have done and what you continue to do, the answer is definitely, "Yes!"  You folks set the standard for others to follow.  And it always amazes me when I go to my other counties around the country how hard it is to find ... webpages like you folks prepare for us.  I only wish the rest of them would take a look at the Madison County Quality, and shape up!

From Linda, January 7, 2001
I have enjoyed using your web site very much.

From Elaine, January 15, 2001
Your Madison County, NY information on the web is a goldmine, both with the information it provides, and the pointers to additional resources.

From Lois, January 25, 2001
I have just spent some happy time browsing your Cazenovia, etc information. What a feast!  Thank you for sharing it so generously.

From Joan, February 1, 2001
I want to compliment you on these excellent records that I have just discovered at the ... Cazenovia Cemetery web site.  And to say how grateful I am to you for making these records available to Internet users.  Thank you very much.

From John, February 2, 2001
How else to express my appreciation for the information that you have assembled on your web pages? Your training and professionalism are exhibited!  A work well done, indeed!  ...  Your organization of vast amount of information is outstanding. Thanks for allowing us to share. I am sure to browse again.

From Tim, February 3, 2001
Excellent site Dan.  I love the many old maps with the detail shown.  BTW, you are much younger in your picture than I imagined!

From Sarah, February 3, 2001
Thanks for your work on the DeRuyter area. ...  Very nice job on your site!

From Roberta, February 3, 2001
Just happened to stumble on your Website through (the Onondaga mail list) ...  I felt I had died and gone to heaven.  I found many references to the ancestor (my
husband's) that I am seeking.  You can be sure I'll be back often to see what's new.  Thank you so much for being so very generous with your time and
hard work  and so willing to share.  It's hard to believe you have accumulated so much information in so little time.  It's a wonderful Website.

From Jeaneette, February 3, 2001
Very much liked what you have done comparing land records and census records (for the 1800 DeRuyter Census analysis).

From Pat, February 4, 2001
Just wanted to complement you on a great job!  I have enjoyed reviewing your work.  ...  I will bookmark your site and I am sure that I will return to it many times
in my work. You have done a great deal of good work.

From Annette, February 4, 2001
I recently read about your website on the SDB list.  What a wonderful site!  I just wish I could have found my ancestors there!  ...  In any case, your site should be a real boon to researchers.

From Jeffrey, February 4, 2001
You have done a great job compiling information on Madison County.  I have found more about my past from this website, than any other that I have viewed, Thanks

From John, February 8, 2001
Thank you for the work you have done on Madison County history!  I have just started reading  it and am sure that I will be spending many hours enjoying your pages.

From Kim, February 14, 2001
You are just too cool!  Is this your full time job?  Your web pages are wonderful and I am rather impressed with the information you have to share outside the

From Kim, later that same day, after a few fact swaps:
Well, Dan, you sure have found a niche for yourself.  I wish all my  ancestors were from Cazenovia!  ...  I truly appreciate your help and give you a huge "you're welcome" for giving you the chance to discover more about Cazenovia and its people.  Let me know if you ever feel like your education is lacking in that area - I am
sure I could come up with some other ancestors who hung their hat in the area for a day or two.  :))

From Peter, February 16, 2001
Many thanks from someone far away from New York to Mr. Weiskotten for all of the fantastic information he has put together on his website.

From Ethel, February 18, 2001
Many thanks for this list of Tax Notices.

From Dr. Robert V.J.P. Varman, Archaeologist & Heritage Consultant, Wombat St  Berkeleyvale NSW Australia, on HISTARCH discussion list, February 28, 2001
I think Daniel Weiskotten's email of Feb 18 should be compulsory reading for all students of archaeology. When I was tutor of Hist Arch at the University of Sydney 20 years ago I used to tell students who showed an interest in following a career in archaeology to "give up all hope of a normal life". It seems that advice holds true to this day unless you can get a permanent job at an institution. Very well done Dan!

From Owen, February 28, 2001
I just finished reading your web site, to say the least I am quite impressed with your work or is it a hobby?
It is a love, which is better than work and often worse than a hobbie!

From Allen, March 5, 2001
Your pages on Caz., Fenner and Nelson History are just great!

From Tina, March 6, 2001
I was overwhelmed to see your web site, My God you have done an enormous amount of work!!!!!!  ...  PS Now you have gone and done it Iwant to get to a cemetery in the worst way and we have how many inches of snow on the ground?  ...  Keep up the excellent work and when can we expect a book??
Sorry Tina, no books in the works.  I'm one of those darned researchers that just never figured when to stop collecting data!

From Mary, March 11, 2001
Your website is impressive!  Sorry I'm not searching in Cazenovia.  Pity we can't go back in time and tell all those ancestors to move to somewhere where the records are better!  Many thanks for your help.

From Patricia, March 25, 2001
Just a quick note to tell you how impressed I was with your web site on Union Cemetery.  I visited it last evening and copied it all for my library.  ...  I want to thank you for you work on developing the web pages.  Great job!

From Devery Anderson, researching for a book on the Mormons in early NY, April 14, 2001
Wow! Thank you so mugh for the information!! I will check out the sources you mentioned to me.  ...  Again--THANK YOU so much. You have been very helpful, and I'll mention your help in my book.

From Carole, at the Cazenovia Public Library, wishing I was still in Cazenovia, April 28, 2001
Oh, help. Why did you leave Cazenovia anyway?  selfish, selfish, selfish!

From Kristi, at the University of Calgary, June 22, 2001
I, for one, think its amazing the effort you put in to ensure adequate public consumption of your work. Bravo! Good work.

From Graham, July 14, 2001
Dan, I was very impressed, in your recent reply to a lady writing the Madison mail list, with your ability describe the probable location of someone on the 1850 Cazenovia census from the information she provided. ... Keep up the great work on that part of Madison Co that you have adopted.  Your contributions bring us information that we might never have seen otherwise.

From Graham, July 16, 2001, after receiving my analysis of his questions about the census and his family
Wow....l am truly impressed.   Thanks a million.

From Bill, July 22, 2001
Just can't leave your site, too much to see.

From Rick, July 22, 2001
Your history tidbits are always very interesting. Thank you.

From Deborah, July 24, 2001
Even if I don't find something about my ancestors at the site you certainly make it worthwhile with all your little history lessons etc.  What a great resource for info you must be.  Thanks for all the input in the past and the future you add to this list.

From Karen, July 24, 2001
Your pages are wonderful!

From Janice, July 31, 2001
Much thanks again for a wonderful website and the effort you've put into presenting this info to the world.

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