History Texts for Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson
Daniel H. Weiskotten
updated 5/25/2003

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This is a start on a page to present sections from local history books which detail the history of the towns of Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson. If you know of any texts that might be good to include here, drop me a line.  I have many of them already and I'll try to provide as many as I can very shortly.

For starters here's a short list to peruse:

Anzolette D. Ellsworth and Mary E. Richmond, 1901, New Woodstock and Vicinity, Past & Present. J.A. Loyster, Cazenovia, NY
          Introduction to the on-line edition
        List of Photographs
        Image of Title Page
        Preface, and letters
        History of New Woodstock
        History of West Woodstock
        Quaint Epitaphs from the Village Cemetery
        First Baptist Church of Cazenovia at New Woodstock
        History of the Methodist Church
        New Woodstock Academy and Other Schools
        Veterans, Revolution, Civil War, A.O.U.W and Maccabees (not yet included)
        Family Genealogies (see seperate page of families presented) (not yet included)
        Reminiscences (not yet included)
        Lucy Dutton (not yet included)

Paul D. Evans, 1924, The Holland Land Company. Published by the Buffalo Historical Society
           "Cazenovia" (Chapter II, pages 37-62)

Samuel S. Forman, 1837
           Annals of Cazenovia (published 1982 by the Friends of Lorenzo)

Gurdon Evans, 1852
           General History of Madison County

Luna M. Hammond's 1872 History of Madison County. Truair Smith & Co. Syracuse, NY
           Cazenovia (Chapter IV, pages 197-243)
            Fenner (Chapter VII, pages 346-374) Coming soon!
            Nelson (Chapter XIII, pages 617-644) Coming soon!

Christine O. Atwell's 1928 Cazenovia, Past & Present: A Descriptive and Historical Record of the Village. printed by Florida Press, Inc. Orlando, FL.
(My notes and comments for are found at the end of each chapter.)
           I Founding & Settlement
           II Roadways
           III Waterways
           IV Industries and Institutions
           V Religion
           VI Education
           VII Culture

Historical Papers by Jabez W. Abell Jr., from the Cazenovia Republican, 1925-1942.
           Abell wrote more than 115 articles for the Cazenovia Republican and I will add them as I can.

James H. Smith's 1880 History of Chenango and Madison Counties. D. Mason & Co. Syracuse, NY.
           Several sections coming soon!

John H. Smith's 1899 Our County and its People: A Descriptive and Biographical Record of Madison County, New York. The Boston History Co. Boston, MA.
           Several sections coming soon!

Joel H. Monroe's 1911 Cazenovia: Looking Back Through One Hundred Eighteen Years. (no publisher listed)
           Coming soon!

And, many others too numerous to mention.
            Check out the annotated bibliography of local historical resources: http://freepages.history.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nc99usgw/localtexts.html
           (This will soon be moved over to this NYGenWeb space)