Description of Madison County and the Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson, in the State of New York
in 19th Century Gazetteers, 1810-1899
Compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten

Last Modified february 12, 2003

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        The various Gazetteers of New York State hold tons of great material on what the communities of NY were like at the time these works were compiled.  Beginning with the 1810 American Gazetteer of Jedediah Morse and the fantastic 1813 Gazetteer by H.G. Spafford, and including his 1824 revision, Gordon's 1836 Gazetteer, Barber & Howe's 1841 Historical Collections, Disternell's 1842/1843 Gazetteer, Mather & Brockett's 1848 Geographical History of New York, the well known French's 1860 Gazetteer, and the 1872 Hough's Gazetteer, as well as Hamilton Child's 1868 Gazetteer and Business Directory of Madison County for 1868/1869, and John E. Smith's 1899 Our County and Its People: A Descriptive and Biographical Record of Madison County, New York, I present the full and unabridged texts that describe Madison County and the Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson.
        Although the material presented in the various texts was obviously derived, in some cases word for word, from the earlier gazetteers, there are many updates and new sections that warrant presentation of all the texts in their entirety.   I made no corrections or comments to the content of the texts (although many are needed), except in the instance of the Madison County text in Child's 1868 work where the erroneous record of the 1780 Walter Vrooman expedition cannot be left alone without some corrective comments.  I have included images of tables, and abstracts of others, and in only one case, the reiteration of the lengthy newspaper list derived from French by Child, did I summarize the text and present only the material that was different in the latest version.  Some sections are missing, but I will add them and others as I obtain copies.

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I am still in need of copies of the following sections:
        1813 Spafford = Town of Nelson,
        1824 Spafford = Town of Fenner (still listed as Smithfield?), and, of course,

                additional texts from gazetteers that I do not already have!